Elite Health Evaluation

Our Elite Evaluation is comprehensive, effective and trusted by doctors and patients alike. It’s comprised of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, specially certified physicians and in-depth one-on-one care. Our program is designed around men who need to feel, think, and perform at their best everyday. 

This program doesn’t resemble anything that your primary care physician’s office can offer. It won’t be a quick sit down appointment, where a couple questions are asked and a few boxes are checked off. Cenegenics® is concierge medicine at its finest and our patients are also clients-- we aim to provide an experience, not a process.

Our doctors are hand-picked from a rigorous and demanding certification process. Only 1% of those who enter our program are awarded certification. We are extremely selective through this process. It’s just one component of what clearly sets us apart as the leader in age management medicine.

Components of the Comprehensive Elite Health Evaluation

This full-day evaluation is highly personalized and lasts approximately six hours. Depending on certain factors it may include the following:


Physical Exam


Nutrition and Exercise Counseling


Strength, Flexibility and Postural Assessments


Resting Metabolic Rate - evaluate caloric expenditure


Carotid Artery Scan - looking for artery blockages and plaque build-up in the carotid artery

Cognitive Assessment Testing - short-term memory, speed, accuracy, and reaction time


DEXA Scan Analysis - spinal, hip and total-body bone density; body composition, % fat and muscle


86-Panel Blood Work - identifying risk factors, hormone and metabolic levels, including inflammation


Repeat VO2 Max Test - determine current level of cardiopulmonary efficiency and update your exercise regimen.


Consult with Cenegenics® Physician - two hour, open-ended meeting with physician reviewing findings from labs, diagnostics, medical history, and lifestyle.

Through quarterly and annual assessments, we’re able to fine tune each individual segment of your personalized Cenegenics® plan. With a personalized team guiding you every step of the way you can create the best version of yourself.

Cenegenics® has been leading the way in age management solutions for over the last two decades. With locations spanning the U.S. and abroad, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as fast and efficiently as possible.

Isn’t it time to take your health to the next level? Start feeling more like yourself with our incredible Elite Health Program. Increased energy, libido and longevity are all waiting! Discover how Cenegenics® is changing lives with our 21st century approach to medicine.


Our team is ready to provide you with an outstanding experience!