DEXA Body Composition Scan

More Than Just a Scale

Looking Beyond the Bathroom Scale

An accurate measurement of body composition can provide valuable information for assessing and monitoring the progress of nutrition, exercise, and overall fitness goals. DEXA scan looks beyond weight, the traditional body mass index (BMI), impedance devices, and fat calipers to accurately determine body fat. It is a proven method to accurately determine how fat is distributed.

Monitoring weight alone is, at best, a crude and imprecise way to monitor progress. Many people lose as much or more muscle than fat when trying to lose weight, especially if resistance training is not part of their routine. DEXA can accurately determine the fat and muscle changes that occur with weight loss interventions, allowing for modifications in nutrient rations and exercise routines. 


Aging & Bone Loss

As we age, balance and mobility almost always become an issue. In addition, our bones go from being able to handle relatively heavy loads with ease, to weak, often with thinning cartilage. Anyone 50 years and older knows that a hip fracture can be serious and even fatal in certain circumstances. 

We not only have the technology to scan your entire body, but hone in on specific areas that may be of concern. Finding the root of the cause as early as possible is one of the keys to successful treatment and prevention. DEXA allows us to do that. Knowing that a problem exists simply isn’t enough to solve it. With DEXA, we can determine the overall risk and how far the issue has progressed. If you have crossed the barrier to 40 then it is crucial to start screening for preventive measures.

Certain places in the human body are more prone to experiencing mineral loss, the hips and lumbar spine being the main culprits of chronic pain and discomfort. Measuring the overall density with extreme accuracy helps give us a clear picture of your current bone health and what treatment options make the most sense.

Understanding The Full Picture Of Your Body

Utilizing the DEXA scan, we can get an accurate reading of your total overall fat mass vs your lean mass. We can also identify areas where you have the most fat accumulation, which will play a big part in designing a specific plan based around your body.

Although it is necessary to have some body fat for optimal health, too much is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even many cancers. Cenegenics® testing was designed to help you reach optimal levels of body fat and lower your risk of many diseases.

Working Together To Reach Goals

The main goal of Cenegenics® is to help you gain a complete understanding of the current health of your body. Your Cenegenics® physician will guide you through all test results and ensure that no questions are left unanswered. Our patients have proven that with the right program, anything is possible.

Physician Consultation

There has never been a better way to uncover your true risk factors than with a Cenegenics® full body composition scan. A fully customized program will be designed around your results to help you achieve a more youthful, fit, and strong body.

With over 35,000 lives having been transformed so far, Cenegenics® has provided incredible results to busy people just like you.

Take Control of Your Health

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